December 19th, 2004


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We went grocery shopping this evening, and I was struck once again by how many people here celebrate Christmas, and how they all seem to be playing "Keeping up with the Joneses." There are lights on everything, houses, trees, bushes, there are lights in the shapes of reindeer, snowmen, Santa. This one house had lights on all the bushes in the yard, plus 3 light-up snowmen, PLUS a giant, inflatable Nutcracker sitting by the front door, no doubt to discourage solicitors. If this thing was standing, it would be at least 8 feet tall.

There's another house with an inflatable snowman AND an inflatable football player. The problem is, the football player isn't a Packer...he's a BEAR. *gasp, the horror* A few weeks ago we drove past the house with the Bear in front and he had deflated and was lying on his side. We figger one of the rabid Packer fans around took offense and knifed him one dark night, but it was evidently only a flesh wound, so he's back and as good as new, just about to tackle the snowman.

I seriously never thought I would encounter a place in which EVERY SINGLE PERSON is so into decorating for the holidays. It's almost...creepy.
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