December 20th, 2004


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Okay. So, I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Excited because my mom and brother are coming tomorrow! YAY! I can't wait to see them again.

And nervous because I have a job interview tomorrow morning. The position is a receptionist-type position, I think. I really need a job so I'm hoping it goes well, but also, I hope that if they DO hire me, they don't have me start till after Christmas, just because Chaz and mom are only here until the 27th.

Actually, I'm not horribly horribly nervous at this moment, I think it'll be worse tomorrow morning.

Anyway. Wish me luck, please. I hope these people are nice. *crosses fingers*

EDIT: Just got back from the interview. I didn't get the job (they were looking for someone with more computer experience. The woman who interviewed me was very nice, and she tried to think of any other jobs they might have, but it's been slow so they just need the receptionist. It's a popcorn company! Anyway, I'm a little disappointed but I'm okay with it, because it means that I won't have to be working while Mom and Chaz are here. On another note, it's frickin windy out there. The girl who was getting interviewed before I came in almost blew away when she left. She opened the door and WHOOSH it FLUNG itself all the way open and dragged her with it. She was laughing.

Thank you everyone for all the supportive comments.
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