December 31st, 2004


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Okay. Obligatory End-of-Year Post.

I bought my first car. A used 1996 Exploder named Hoss. I got him originally because we were moving to Wyoming and I wanted something with 4-wheel drive. But we didn't move to Wyoming after all. I'll get to that in a minute.

I got a job (just temporary) at the music catalog Musician's Friend as a proofreader. It was awesome, great fun, and my co-workers rocked. Like I said, it was only temporary, just killing time till graduation, but they liked me and I got the impression that if I ever moved back there I would be welcome to a job, which is good to know.

I graduated! Walked and everything. I now hold in my grubby little fist a BA in English and Writing. Now, you would not believe how many times I've had this conversation:

"English, huh? You gonna be a teacher?"


"Oh. Well then what are you gonna do with that?" *stare stare stare*


*lightbulb comes on--you mean there really IS something else you can do with an English major??* "Oooooh."

Went home for the summer to work on the boats. Had fun. Wanted to kill a few passengers but never actually got around to it.

Two of my best friends got married and I was in both the weddings. One is due to have her first child in just a week or so.

My dog died. Mom had been on vacation for a couple weeks, and when she came home he was so happy to see her he had an embolism. He was dead literally two minutes after she walked into the house. That was depressing.

Couple months later we got a cat. He's actually a dog in a cat's body. He ate my scrunchie.

When boat season ended, Nina and I packed our stuff in her van and drove from Valdez, Alaska through Canada into Oregon. She dropped me off at Keels' house and went back to school, while Keels and her parents and I then drove in 3 seperate cars to Wisconsin of all places, so she could be with her boyfriend. It's a little awkward sometimes being the only unattached one around, but they have been REALLY good about not letting me feel like a third wheel. We all get together and play games and watch movies, and if they get all lovey-dovey smoochy-woochy now and again, well. There's always my stuffed hippo for cuddling.

...My. That may have sounded more pathetic than I intended it.

Still haven't got a job, but I continue to be hopeful.

Mom and Charley came to visit for Christmas. It was great seeing them again after 3 months away, which may not seem like much but this is the furthest I've ever been from them for any amount of time. Half a continent and an entire country is a long way.

I haven't felt smart or accomplished lately. I suppose that's not a big surprise. As soon as I succeed in finding a job, the 'accomplished' part should get better.

To reference my post from a couple days ago, I haven't felt pretty lately, either, but I have gotten to the point where I just say to myself "Pretty doesn't matter, it's not important. A flower is pretty, but can it read?" (Also, "I'm smart, I'm funny, and Gosh darn it, people like me.")

Anyway. What was I saying? Oh yes. Reading. Yay, I can read!

I have also become more firmly entrenched in my belief that I need to have a cave-cottage getaway on a mountain sometime in the next few years, just because people in the real world seem to have gotten snarly of late.

I've always been fairly nice to strangers (unless they creeped me out in some way) and mostly they have always been nice to me, but in Wisconsin, it's odd. People are either REALLY REALLY REALLY friendly, or they look at you like you are responsible for all diseases in the world. It's strange. Perhaps cheese affects the psyche in ways we do not know.

Okay. I guess I will go do something now. More than likely, that something will be moving from the computer to the couch, but at least I will have moved. I did go for a walk today, though. Hey! Accomplishment! WOO.
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