January 3rd, 2005


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I look out my window this morning and what do I see? One of those bleak, bloodless days when everything seems to be covered with a gray watercolor wash. A cold misty drizzle is falling and the sky is utterly flat. Nothing moves except for smoke curling from a chimney across the field.

My feet are cold.

My roommate is asleep on the couch. I should probably wake her up in another half-hour or so, because she has work today, but as it is, at this moment, I don't even want to be awake right now, so I'll leave her alone for a while longer.

That last paragraph suddenly appears to be utterly useless, as she has awakened on her own and stumbled off to shower. So now it's just me, on a virus-ridden computer, with a gray lonely day outside, cold feet, and the remote control too far away to even lend me the company of some kind of stupid talk show.

Though I will get up in just a minute to get it. Because soon Maury will be on.

The most worrisome thing to think about right now is my jobsearch. I'm hoping to hear from the vet place today. If not, it's looking once again through the ads that cry the need for someone with a B.S. in biology or engineering, or someone with 2 or more years experience inspecting bottles.

No one ever advertises the need for a proofreader. Though I have seen an ad for movie and commercial extras, no experience needed. But it's in Milwaukee and do I REALLY want to work there? Noooooo. Not that they would hire me anyway. They SAY that all looks are welcome, but I doubt they really mean it.

My eyes are doing that burny thing that they do when they don't think I've had enough sleep. To which I say, "Fuck you, Eyes, if you thought we needed more sleep you shouldn't have woke me up this morning."

Damn it's cold in here. Maybe what this day needs is a cup of hot cocoa, some of my dad's old wool socks, and my new hoody. Then maybe everything will be alright.

I'm hungry. I hadn't noticed till just now. Should it be "till" or "til?" I mean, "til" would seem to make more sense if it's an abbreviation of "until," but it looks funny, whereas "till" is that thing a cashier puts money into. But...really...do I even care?

Anyway. Where was I?

Cocoa. Yeessssssssss.

I hope everyone else has a better, prettier, stay-warmer day than we have here. Off to find the food.
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