January 4th, 2005


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I went to Walmart today and bought Norton Internet Security, which includes Anti-virus. It removed the virus from my computer...it was something about a bloodhound. Then I reinstalled SBC Yahoo but I still get an error message for that, so I still have to use Explorer. Keels is going to call SBC on her day off and see if they can help. But at least the virus is gone and the computer is working faster. Still getting popups but *YAY* no more porn, thankyewverymuch.

I was in the bathroom yesterday when I heard Keels scream "EW EW OH GOD EW!" and I yelled, "WHAT?" And she yelled "I just saw a penis!" We were watching the DVD of Bed of Roses at the time and for a second I thought she was talking about Christian Slater and I was like, "REALLY?" But then she said "Computer." And, you know, no offense to penises everywhere, but they are not necessarily the most beautiful of appendages. Anywho.

It has been snowing on and off today, and I had to scrape off my car this morning. Then I couldn't feel my fingers. But they're better now.

And then I had to drive to the bank to give Keels her lunch, and she gave me a sucker. All is right with my world. At least right now.

If this post is difficult to read because of grammar errors, I apologize, but my brain seems to have taken an extended vacation, possibly to Australia. Watch for snakes, mate!
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Have you ever noticed how potatoes are like people? They're lumpy and dirty and smell funny when raw but when you mash them up and cook them they're really tasty.

Anyway. What I meant to say is nothing of the sort, that just kind of came out. I seem to have forgotten my original point.

That is all.