February 4th, 2005


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I had a dream last night...this morning it was fresh in my head, but it's fading.

I was kidnapped by some guys on a speedboat. I don't know why. It took me either 3 months or 3 years to get back to the people I loved. I wasn't scarred, though. I was stronger. Maybe they kidnapped me and took me to a martial arts camp or something. I believe I managed to toss one of them in the water.

...That's all I can remember of this dream. Surprisingly, it wasn't a nightmare. Just a dream. Peaceful. There's another dream that I have from time to time.

I'm in the woods in Oregon, near the coast. The ground is raised a little, and the trees are huge and ancient and spaced well apart from one another. Sunlight streams through the canopy.

And something chases me.

I'm running, in the darkest part of the forest. There's no light where I am, but if I just turned to the left and ran twenty feet I would be hit with a shaft of sunlight. My heart is racing. I can't hear or see whatever's chasing me, but I know it's there.

And yet, I'm not afraid of it. It's almost like I'm playing tag. I don't want to be caught, and I feel a scream building in my throat, but it's a playful scream. If Whatever-It-Is catches me, it won't hurt me. Someday maybe I'll even purposefully slow down so I can see what it is.

I think it's time for breakfast. TTFN, folks.
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So, a few years ago I had a composition class. I didn't like it. But I found this thing I wrote for it... We were supposed to write an essay or a creative piece about John Berger's article "Ways of Seeing." Anyway. I just found it again. I hated it when I wrote it, and as I recall, my teacher didn't like it too much, either, but it has grown on me, somehow. Anyway, it's kinda silly. Feel free to make comments or whatever. I probably won't do a major rewrite ever, but it would be nice to hear people's thoughts on it. I seem to remember that no one liked 'Cathy' much...they thought she was abrasive. I tend to agree.

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