February 14th, 2005


Valentine's Day

It's just like any other day to me. I mean, as long as I don't go out to eat, I don't see happy couples to be jealous of. So I was doing fine, until everyone ELSE started being depressed about Valentine's Day. Because I'm a sheep, I follow along with that depression, so here it is.

It is Valentine's Day, Keely is at Justin's, and I am watching a Friends rerun. I am planning to make popcorn later, and perhaps get into that eleventy-billion gallon jug-o-rum in the cupboard. Not likely, since rum tastes like rubbing alcohol, but it's possible.

I already ate the last 1/8th of a stale chocolate bar that's been on the table for 2 weeks. I don't have cookie-making supplies. Damn you, Valentine's Day, for making it necessary to rub people's noses in their non-couplyness, and damn you, Cupid, for SUCKING.

Thank you.
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Okay, people. There's something in my head and it's driving me crazy.

In high school choir (6, 7, 8 years ago) we watched a movie. I would describe it as kinda like Phantom of the Opera, kinda like Beauty and the Beast.

All I really remember about it is that it was about this girl, maybe in junior high, early high school, and she loves to sing. She sings in school competitions and stuff, and it always comes down to her and this one other girl, who happens to be an evil bitch. EB wins the competition.

So our cute little heroine decides to get herself a voice teacher and she goes to this guy whose face is all scarred or something, and he doesn't want to take any students, but for some reason she convinces him to. So he teaches her and then the love of his life comes back to him because he's no longer a grumbly grumpy "Don't look at me, I'm UGLY" guy.

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