February 23rd, 2005


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When we drove here last October, we came through Montana. I believe I've been to Montana once before, but I didn't remember much of it except for the spectacular thunderstorm. That was 10 years ago.

Anyway, when we came through last year, I was stunned by the scenery. It was almost like home, but warmer. More...cowboy-y. I know that doesn't make sense. But I really really liked it. I think that when I leave Wisconsin, I'm moving back home. But it might be nice (if I could afford and stand another move) to live in Montana for a year or so.

But I was just looking at some images of Montana, and...I guess miss home even more than I thought. When you spend your whole life surrounded on all sides by mountains, then move somewhere where you are surrounded by cows, it takes a toll on you. At least there are trees here. And don't get me wrong, I like Wisconsin. It's lovely. It's just...not home.

At least I didn't move to the desert. I've visited the desert, I liked it there, but I was always happy to return north.

God, I miss it. Sometimes, when the sun is at just the right angle here, just coming over the trees, and maybe the wind is a little brisk and smells like rain or snow, and rustles the leaves on the trees, I close my eyes and think I'm home again. Then a little hint of chocolate works its way into the breeze, or grain, or manure, and I'm here. But I suspect that when I DO leave Wisconsin, I will miss it, if only a little, just as I miss Oregon now. When I lived in Ashland, I swore I'd never live there again, but I think I would. If I was a millionaire, because let's face it. Ashland is a damn expensive place to live.

Anyway. That's my dose of melancholy and sentimentality for the day.

Pictures of Home, if anyone's interested. No, I did not take these photos.

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OMFG, People.

I just found the entire soundtrack of "The Last Unicorn" online.

I can't stop listening to it. It's like crack to me.
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Got this from Nats. What is it with me and not being able to resist memes? It's a sickness.

If I were to become an animal, what animal do you think I should be?

Please give a reason with each answer, and include a picture from Yahoo Picture Search for people who may or may not know what that animal is. No goofball answers of say, Banana Slug.

Feel free to put this in your own journal to see what my answer would be!

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Apparently, I'm having an "Attack of the Memes" day. Yoinked from Pollo.

Pick ONE from each pair that you think describes me the best & leave it in the comments. Then copy this and post it in your own journal to see how your friends view you. If you do it for me I'll do it for you.

dominant or submissive
logical or intuitive
social or loner
kinky or vanilla
cute or sophisticated
kitten or puppy
warm flannel sheets or sleek satin
leader or follower
quiet or talkative
spontaneous or planned


Playing around some more with pictures. Once again, I didn't take any of these pictures, but I think they're pretty.

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I might do more later. Right now my computer is demanding I run my virus program.

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Okay. I've seen this everywhere, and like a good little sheep I follow.

Ten Things I've Done That You Might Not Have (but don't bet on it, I'm pretty boring):

1) I've been to Europe 3 times. England, Scotland, and Wales the first time, Austria, Italy, and France the second, and Greece most recently.

2) I've swum in the Aegean Sea.

3) I've worked on a tour boat in Prince William Sound, Alaska.

4) I've seen the face of Columbia Glacier calve from just 2 miles away. It started to go, then just kept going. More than half the face (which is 4 miles wide and half a mile high) fell into the water, and one of the burgs it produced was at least half a mile in length, above the water.

5) I've seen humpbacks, orcas, Dall's porpoise, sea lions, seals, eagles, otters, and minke whales all in one day.

6) I've watched a loved one die.

7) I've driven around the United States in a motor home in a seven-week period. Well, okay. I was only 12 or so, so I didn't do any of the driving. Mostly I was just kicking my brother under the table.

8) I've eaten cotton candy ice cream in the badlands of Montana, surrounded by dinosaur bones.

9) I've gone crabbing, shrimping, and clam digging, and gotten to eat it all. Mm, seafood.

10) I've had a jar of jellied moose nose in my fridge. Didn't open it, or taste it, or have anything to do with it, but it was there.

Well. That wasn't so hard. Then again, I didn't go for the THRILL factor.