March 6th, 2005


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I had a plum for breakfast. I cut and de-pitted it on a plate in the kitchen, then brought it into the living room to eat, where I set it on a watercolor book I borrowed from the library. The little bit of juice leaking onto the plate was the same color as a flower painted on the cover.

It was ripe, but not mushy. It tasted almost like strawberries. That, combined with the sunlight streaming in through the window, refracting off the needles of the evergreen in the field and the light breeze blowing, has put me in an uncommonly good mood. Perhaps spring is nearly here. I'm not one, normally, to wax poetic about spring or summer, as I seem to prefer the colors and brisk winds of autumn, but this year, I think the return of spring may be just what I need.

I might take a walk in a while.
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