March 10th, 2005


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Most of you know that, a couple summers ago, I worked in a hotel. I was on the 3pm to 11pm shift, and I hated it. The worst part was the bar being right next to the lobby, and all the drunk people going in and out, but I did have a fair share of sucky customers as well. However, I also had quite a few nice customers. Anyway, this isn't about the customers.

It occured to me that whenever I talk about the hotel, it's to complain about the people there. I never mention my coworkers.

As it happens, my coworkers (most of them) are what made that job bearable. I wasn't REALLY fond of my boss, he seemed humorless, but he wasn't mean or unfair. At least not to me. Most of the other guys who worked the desk (I was the only female) were really cool, with the exception of F, who was NEVER ON TIME. He was on rotating shift, so a couple times a week, he would relieve me. He was routinely 10, 15, even 20 minutes late. But he was nice.

The bartenders were cool, and often invited me to come into the bar and have a drink at the end of my shift. I never took them up on it, because at 11 at night all I really want to do is go home. Alcohol makes me sleepy, and I had a 20 minute drive to get home each night.

I really liked the cook in the restaurant, he was very nice and courteous all the time, plus he was huge so I knew I could count on him in case anyone ever got rowdy. The waitstaff were nice, too, and would come talk to me in the lobby if they weren't busy, because I wasn't allowed to leave the desk for too long.

The housekeepers were very nice all the time, though I couldn't understand what they were saying, as they only spoke Korean. I believe they were my boss's mother and mother-in-law.

But the person I remember the most for her sheer kindness was my boss's wife. She spoke VERY little English, and if I asked her a question she would either smile and say "Yes" or look confused. But one hot afternoon, my boss came in and handed me a cup of some sort of cream drink with fresh watermelon in it, and said, "Here. My wife told me to give this to you." I asked him what it was and he shrugged and left, but it was very refreshing. She would give me little treats when she stopped by the desk, a piece of candy or a cookie. Once, she brought me an entire plate of some sort of Korean food (don't know what it was, but it was good) and said, "Eat. You hungry." (As a side note, a lot of the older women I know seem to think they need to constantly feed me, which I don't understand. I don't exactly look like I'm fading away or anything. But I'm not complaining.)

A few days before my last day working was my birthday. She came in with a wrapped present and gave it to me, and when I told her it wasn't necessary, she smiled and left again. It was a lamp in the shape of a plant, with a fairy on it.

Anyway. I hated that job because of the customers and drunks I had to deal with, not the people I worked with. They made the job worthwhile.

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We went to the grocery store yesterday, and briefly stopped in the flower section. Keely likes to look at the roses (not the red ones, but the orange ones and the purple ones). The purple roses looked...rather ill, but I suppose you can't be choosy if you're shopping for roses in the Pick'n'Save.

I found some daffodils. They looked good, quite obviously freshly picked that day or maybe the day before. I bent down to smell them and they just...made me happy. Made me think of sunlight and spring. I do wonder about this sudden nostalia toward spring. Autumn has always been my favorite season. And up until today (snow, snow, snow), we've had sunny, clear weather for a few weeks.

But when I saw those daffodils yesterday, so bright and cheerful and delicate, and smelled them, they just made me all reminisce-y. Every time I see them, I'm reminded again why they're my favorite flower.

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