March 11th, 2005


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I dreamt last night.

I don't remember a lot of it. There were a bunch of people trapped on an island (which later turned out to not be an island) and I swear some of the people from the show Lost were there. They were trying to figure out a way to blast themselves off the island using explosives and a huge slingshot. Sayid managed to get the thing to explode, but he only flew a couple hundred feet. He was fine.

Keels and I set off walking through the woods, and there was a sense of urgency like we weren't supposed to be able to leave, and if they could, the other people would chase us down and bring us back. We met Eeyore on the way. I think he walked with us for a while.

Then, I guess I was a man. I was suddenly writing a letter. Evidently, my man-self wasn't a very good letter-writer. At first, I thought I was writing to a person named "Vigaria" but it turns out, I was writing a letter of complaint to "Viagra" and had misspelled it. Their damn product didn't work for me. (Possibly because I don't have the right bits, and even my subconcious was aware of that.)

(no subject)

For some reason, I just thought of a story my mom told me a long time ago, about when I was in the community theater production of The Hobbit.

I was one of the spiders.

Anyway, after the play, mom went backstage looking for me. I was maybe 8 at the time.

Mom: Nelli? *pushing through the crowds of people, trying to catch sight of me* Nelli?

Very Tall Guy Playing Gandalf: *steps in front of her, booms* I'M Nelli.

Mom: *startled* No you're not!

VTGPG: Well. *dignified* I could be.