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March 19th, 2005

07:38 am

I had dreams last night, but I'm not sure what they were about. All I remember is being on some kind of big runway where transformer-things took off all around me, being in a forest with a bunch of people (I was some kind of princess, out walking with my sister and all our courtesans). While we were in the forest, we were threatened by some sort of creatures that kinda looked like the things in The Village. They were some sort of overlords in my country, but they were more like thugs. I 'unno.

04:53 pm

You scored as Geek.




Drama nerd




Ghetto gangsta










What's Your High School Stereotype?
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Y'know, I'm not really surprised. Not a very flattering picture of me, though.

05:24 pm

My brother wrote a story. Something about an evil pretzel corporation (Super Big Giant Sodium Buster Pretzels of Cheese and Love) run by space aliens, who float around on their "Super Big Giant Sodium-Filled Airship of Evil." Also, there are some bonobos in there.

If you would like to read it, go here. At least he made it have paragraphs, after I complained. Um...I like to pretend he's adopted, in case you're wondering.


08:18 pm

Oh geez. I just saw the creepiest commercial. Have y'all heard of PartyPoker.com?


*Opens with a closeup of a wrinkly old guy's face (we're talkin' at least 80), smiling and panting in a distictly sexual way. Camera pulls back a little and we see he's lying in bed. A tousled young blond pops her head up from behind his shoulder*

Tousled Young Blond: *Paris Hilton voice* That was great! Really, you are like so awesome. Um...what band did you say you were with again?

Wrinkly Old Sex-Machine: *still panting a little, smiles* I've taken so many drugs I've forgotten.

Then the scene changes to a screen shot of the PartyPoker site.

Announcer: *basic message* Party Poker, blah blah, online addictions help you get laid, yaddayadda.

I'm feelin' just a little creeped out here, people. I guess I should make my mantra "Old people need sex too, old people need sex too..." But seriously, what does online gambling have to do with getting you a screwdate?
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