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March 24th, 2005

07:33 am

Hee hee! Got this from jg.

If all your friends were lesbians...(Live Journal) by starsatnoon
Favorite Color
Lesbian Witchsay_revolution
Stone Butchegyptian_kisses
Toothless Lesbianhostis_leti
Lipstick Lesbianwyldirishtric
Drag Kingunmiserable
The "Bi" chickcleolinda
Lesbian Mombutterfairy
Late Converter/ Divorceecvburg
Coffee Shop Lesbianmsmatty35
Poet/Artist Lesbianraisedbymoogles
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07:51 am

Yes, another quiz. And so quickly!

You're Jane Eyre of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte!

Which Classic Female Literary Character Are you?
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12:12 pm

Yet ANOTHER quiz result! I'm flyin' today!

Which Incredibles Character Are You?

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Seems pretty accurate...
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