March 27th, 2005


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I just put this in customers_suck and thought I'd post it here, too, since I'm bored.

This happened to me last year. Not so much sucky as strange. I worked last summer for a company that did day tours on Prince William Sound in Alaska. We got a lot of people from all over, Australia, Germany, Canada, Prague, a couple South Africans, just all over.

I was in the galley and this short, round, middle-aged man came up.

Him: Un café? *points at the coffee* Sorry, sorry, I French, don' speak English.

Me: Coffee. Sure. *fills the cup*

Him: Sorry, don' speak English. I French.

Me: *smiles, hands him the coffee*

Him: Merci.

Me: Pas un probléme.

Him: *agitated* Sorry! No English! I speak French! *walks away, muttering*

Me: O__o
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Keely and her boyfriend have discussed baby names for when they someday have children (not for several years, of course) and, in addition to the actual serious suggestions, he has said he'd like to name one of their children God.

Then, you know, when people come up to you and say, "Let me help you find God," you could say, "Oh, he's taking a nap," or "He's behind the couch."

And you could go outside and call him for dinner. "GOD! WHERE ARE YOU, GOD? COME INSIDE, I MADE LAMB!"

And you could come home and say to your spouse, "I lost God at Walmart. But it's okay, I found him again in the candy aisle. He was chucking fun-sized Snickers at a two-year-old."
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