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March 30th, 2005

07:59 am

I don't remember much about my dream last night, besides being held at gunpoint. Yep. What is it with me and guns in my dreams? I believe I was married, too (newly) and I think maybe the guy with the gun was angry about that (?) and wanted me to marry him (???) though why I couldn't say. He had a totally gorgeous girlfriend behind him, don't know why he couldn't just leg-shackle her.

09:18 am

I was reminded recently of an incident several years ago on one of the boats. On the tours, we take people to several places, including at least one glacier and a sea lion haulout. As I've said, we have had people from all over on the boats, and this story centers around a Greek woman.
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10:15 pm

Hey y'all. Had a thunderstorm. It was the first storm since I moved here that was issued a Severe Storm Warning and Tornado Watch. There were no funnels near me, but there were one or two reported to the Northwest, moving North. There was also hail in other parts of the state. We had some pretty fast winds, heavy rains, and of course thunder and lightning. Fun stuff.

Keels and I went to Justin's to watch Lost (OMG so weird) and we were attacked by a Japanese beetle. These things look like ladybugs, but they're a little bigger and if you piss them off they bite you, and if they get into your house they hide forever until you've forgotten them, then they spawn a jillion little babies that take over your house. Anyway, this little bugger had gotten into Justin's house and was trying to make love to his light fixture, so Keels got the vacuum and was waving around the attachment, trying to suck up the bug, but it was quick, flying in circles and divebombing...I seriously think it was fuckin' with us.

"Yer mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!"

Then it made the mistake of landing on the ground, and SHLOOP! into the vacuum it went. But yeah. There was screaming. Because I um...thought that it landed on me. And was caught in my hair. But it wasn't. So I felt kinda dumb. Yeah.
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