April 4th, 2005


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The other day, Keely mailed our rent check. She put in out in the mailbox beside the road and raised the little plastic thing to tell the mailman there was an envelope in there. A while later, we were heading over to Justin's house and, as we passed the mailbox, we noticed the flag was down, so we stopped and checked the box to see if we had any mail. Box was empty. So we drove away. On the way to Justin's, we saw the mail truck and thought that it was strange...the place we saw it meant that he hadn't yet come to our house. But we put it out of our minds, figuring he had made an unscheduled stop or something.

Yesterday, our landlord, Ben, came to the door. With the envelope that contained our rent check.

Ben: Do you know what this is?

Me: *confused* It's our rent check that we just mailed.

Ben: Really? Are you sure about that?

Me: *takes the envelope* Yes.

Ben: You put it in your mailbox?

Me: Yes.

Ben: I was just over at 408 (another building in this neighborhood, down a side street) and I found it there, under a tree.

Me: O___o

Ben: I think what must have happened is that Roger (the mail guy) must have put it in his truck, then a gust of wind must have blown it out. But I'll call (the head rent guys) and tell them why your rent is late.

Me and Keely: Okay.

After Ben left, Keely told me, "I don't think that's what happened. The mailman hadn't even come when we checked that mailbox. And I will bet you money that if we went out right now and checked the box, there'll be mail in it from yesterday." So I went out and checked it, and damned if she wasn't right. Mail in a box that had been completely empty.

We think that a couple 10/12-year-old boys may be responsible, and that they were playing a trick. The envelope hadn't been opened, and not tampered with in any way, just taken from the box and put somewhere else. But those boys were out there, playing on the lawn across the street, all that day. And Keels says they were there when she took the check out, and they saw her put it in the box.

But we have decided that from now on, any important mail (involving checks and whatnot) are going to the mail drop-box in the post office. We were extremely lucky that Ben found our check as it is, and can't take the chance of it happening again.
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