April 22nd, 2005


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Second post today:

Remember how yesterday morning, there was a spider crawling along the wall behind my computer, and Keels tried to smash it, but she dropped it instead? And we couldn't find it?

This morning:

Keels: *sitting at computer* Lalala...OMG he's back! *runs away for some kleenex*

Moi: Who? The spider?

Keels: *sprints back into the room* Yeah! It's the same one, too, he's missing a leg!

Moi: Well, remember to scoop as you smash this time.

Keels: Righto! *smash* Whoops.

That's right. She dropped it again. Once more, we found no corpse. So now I'm wondering if every morning we will go through this, with Mr. Arachnid missing another leg every time, until we have a one-legged spider lurching across the wall, hanging on by his tiny spider toenail.