April 27th, 2005


(no subject)

Had a snuggledream last night (yay!). The thing that made it unusual was the fact that, in addition to being tall and handsome (and very nice and loveable), he was also a billionaire. I think he had hotels. He was the most sought-after bachelor around, and for reasons unknown to everyone (including me) he seemed to like me. We hugged a lot.

Typing this out, I just realized how kind of pathetic that sounds. I guess I've been reading too many romance novels. Oh well, everyone needs friends, right? And if your friend just happens to be a hot billionaire who likes to hug, well then. C'est la vie. If your friend is not hot, is not a billionaire, but is kind and smart and smells good and likes to hug, that's good too.

I kinda wish there were more people to hug around here.