April 28th, 2005


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I hope I dream tonight. Not necessarily a cuddledream, though that would be nice. I had a dream last night...I think it was about food. Something weird. Maybe like cream-fried wontons? Or maybe that's just what I want NOW, so I'm thinking about them.

I've been drawing a little more in the past few days. I've been reluctant to spend money on anything, and that includes things like shampoo and deodorant (don't worry, I'm not out of them yet) but I said "screw it" last time I was at Walmart and bought myself a couple cheap sketchbooks, because I was getting sick of doodling on printer paper. So I've been intently filling one up...the problem is that I have no purpose in my drawings. I need to pick a story to illustrate, or at least a particular subject. If anyone has any ideas, please lemme have 'em. Can't promise I'll do anything with them, but at least I can put them to practice. I kinda wish I had one of those wooden artist doll things, because I have trouble with poses. I suppose that shouldn't be a surprise, as I have trouble with everything else as well.

It suddenly feels too hot in here. I know Keels will get upset if I open the window, though, as well she should. It's damn cold outside and she's been sick for a week.

*contemplates getting ice to drop down her shirt* ...eeeeeh...I guess I won't. Kinda want to avoid giving myself a heart attack.

Lalala...My brain isn't working. Why is that, I wonder? I can't be tired, can I? It's only 9 o'clock.

I think the zombie/vampire spider must truly be dead...haven't seen hide nor leg of him in days. Either that or he went through the vent and is even now lurking under the pile of clothes on the floor of my room, just waiting for me to decide they're no longer "clean" enough to not wash anymore. Then, when I go to gather them for laundry, he will leap out, fangs bared, screaming "YAAAAA!" and I will faint, and he will crawl through my ear and into my brain, and take over my brainwaves. A friend and I were just talking about that today. I do not like the idea of a spider in my head.

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Aaaaanywho. Wish me luck with my dreams tonight, guys. I want to HUG YOU ALL, just because I'm in a hugging mood. *HUG!*

I want fried chicken. Dammit. Bad Nelli. DIET. DIET. DIE...*dies*