May 23rd, 2005


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Ugh. Had a horrible night. My throat was sore and my right nostril was stuffy (but also runny at random intervals) and I had a headache...took me a while to get to sleep, I was too hot, and the inside of my ear itched.

I was very glad when the phone didn't ring this morning. I am not sure if this is a cold (this would be odd, because it's very warm outside and has been for a while), allergies (I don't have any that I know of, except perhaps dust), or a result of the strong smell of gasoline that permeated the apartment yesterday when I woke up.

Keels and I opened all the windows and turned on all the fans, then when we went downstairs it was EXTRA strong, so we told Ben and he sniffed our foyer and said it was coming from the garage. We never use the garage, we let Ben use it for storage and we get a $50 drop in the rent. Anyway, he went to the garage to try and figure out what it was, then a while later the downstairs didn't smell like gas anymore but instead like cleaning products. But SO MUCH BETTER THAN GAS.

Anyway. I still feel like crap, but a little better than I did when I woke up. My tooth itches. WTF.

This whininess has been brought to you by Bitch'n'Moan Inc.

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I'm shrinking.

I'm 5'6". Well, that's not precisely true. I used to be 5'6". Exactly.

Now? I'm 5'5" and a quarter.

This kind of makes me unhappy...I've always been average in every way. Height, looks, personality...well, maybe not weight...but still. And now I'm going to be shorter than average?

I mean, I guess it's okay. I've always wanted to be petite. Though when one has my build, one looks less like a petite person and more like a wad of butter.

And there's a cut on my finger and I don't know what it's from.

And I'm still sick.

And I'm shrinking.