May 25th, 2005


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Right. So a little while ago, there was a big-ass spider over by the sliding glass door. I mean, this thing could carry off small children. I went after it with the Mighty Bugsucker, but it managed to get into a corner and cling with all 39849827539293845 of its legs. Then I went to get bugwhackers and shoes, just in case. When I came back, I startled him and he tried to run, but VROOOM! Bugsucker slurped him up like a noodle.

Then he was running around inside the tube, beating his spidery little fists against the thank god EXTRA thick plastic and baring his fangs at me.

And then...I decided I didn't want to kill him. I had been thinking of taking him out onto the wooden deck and smushifying him with my shoe,'s a nice day, and despite still being a sicky I AM feeling much better, and I also didn't want to have to clean up five pounds of spider spatter.

So I took him outside and across the sidewalk and let him go under a nice tree. He immediately made a beeline back toward the apartment.

In retrospect, I probably should have taken him across the street.

Then I went to the library to see if they had any good DVDs in (nope) and I got a few more books (like I REALLY need them), and when I came back, Danette and her friend who lives next door were unloading Ben's truck and taking the stuff into the garage. I waved, then parked the car, and when I leaned over to pick up my books I heard honking. Why are they honking at me? I wondered silently (silently because I can't talk at all right now). Then I realized it was my horn. Am I leaning on the horn? I questioned. I leaned back. The honking continued. I had somehow managed to mash the panic button on my little keyring thingie. I pressed it again, then opened the door to hear Danette and her friend laughing.

"I rock." I gronked hoarsely.

Danette shrugged and said it's nothing they haven't done many times before. Then she told me I still sound really bad. I told her I'm getting better.

I had to turn down a job this morning, and I was very upset about it because it was a Kindergarten job and I told myself I would always accept a Kindergarten job when offered. But I guess it's okay, I have an excuse. Maybe I'll feel good enough tomorrow to accept a job. If I am, I hope it's Kindergarten.

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This rocks my socks so hard. Hobbes is the awsomest.