June 19th, 2005


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Yesterday I went out to get the mail, and found in the box a package from Dick Blick Art Materials.

Since I'm broke and have never been able to order anything from them, though I have thumbed through the catalog and drooled a lot, I wondered what it was. I opened it, and it was a catalog. Okay, yay. Fun to look at, even if I can't buy. But taped to the catalog was a little envelope...A Gift For You, it said. Inside the envelope was a $100 gift certificate from my mom, bearing the message, "You go, Girl! Happy Solstice. Lots of love."


Is my mom not the COOLEST MOM WHO EVER MOMMED???!!!

So I went through the catalog, then got online and ordered a bunch of different kinds of watercolor paper, a set of pens, and a book on Dynamic Poses, which came out, with shipping and handling, to $66.47 or thereabouts. I have a year to use up the remaining few bucks, and I have my eye on a couple more books, but it could be I'll really like one of the papers I ordered and want more of that.

This stuff should be here within a week.