July 1st, 2005


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It was a day of high emotions, a day of tears, a day of sweat and great weariness by the time the sun set.

We went wedding gown shopping with Keely.

She tried on dress after dress, glowing, the happy bride. Her wedding will be one year from today. The salespeople were incredibly nice, there was much laughter, and smiles all around. She even decided on a dress.

Then came the HORROR.

It was MY turn to try on dresses.

I'm going to be in the wedding, as a bridesmaid. The dresses Keels had me try on were pretty purple tea-length dresses. The problem was not the dresses.

The problem was me.

I always feel like such a poser in dresses. Like people are going "Oh look at that pretty dress...why on earth is SHE wearing it?"

I felt like a lilac petit four with feet.

But there was a novel note to the "festivities"...several of the dresses I tried on were TOO BIG FOR ME GASP. Not because I've lost weight (ha HA) but because they were simply too big in the first place. Another thing that was not so happy was that the corset-bra-torturedevice-thingie the lady gave me to put on under the dresses (so my unsightly bra strap wouldn't show) didn't fit. Rather, it DID fit, but not the erm...cup part, if you take my meaning. WHY BOOBS DO YOU FAIL ME??

But we did find a dress Keels liked very much for a bridesmaid dress, and even I like it (even if dresses are not my favorite things to wear).

The tears came later, as Keels had a very minor nervous breakdown while icing Justin's birthday cake. In the wake of the day's excitement, runny frosting and cakey bare spots were too much to deal with, but everything seems fine now, the cake is beautiful (and setting up in the fridge), and the world is good once more.

There is lemon cake for the eating (not the good one, but a failed one that stuck to the pan yesterday, so we had to run out and buy new cake mix) and it's almost sleepy time. The wedding isn't for a whole year, so hopefully I will be able to lose some weight between then and now, and not look so much like a frilly lavender hippo.

G'night, among-ye.