August 12th, 2005


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Nina just called. One of the guys we graduated from high school with was in a car accident today and he died.

We weren't close, barely ever spoke, but man. It's upsetting. Mostly because I was friends with his brother, and am friends with several other people who were close to him, and I hate to see anyone grieve...I guess I'm not very articulate. I haven't seen him since graduation, but when you come from such a small school...and we all grew up's almost like losing a brother. Admittedly, a brother with whom I was rather estranged. God.

It's just hard to take in, y'know? Just hard.

I'm not going to say his name here, just in case anyone from the Valdez crowd is reading this and hasn't heard yet. If you need to know, drop me a line, or better yet, just put your ear up to the grapevine.

I'm heading to bed. *hugs her friends* Love you guys.
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