August 18th, 2005


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I'm an extra again today. Second time this week.

Word among the other team members is that a person can expect to be an extra once a week without it meaning anything. If you're an two times or more a week, it means the office doesn't like you.

Granted, when I was an extra on Tuesday, I DID have to go to Elkhorn, so maybe that didn't really count as being an extra. Otherwise, I don't know what I did wrong. If I'm an extra two times next week, I'm going to ask Chelsea if I'm in trouble for something.

The products we use at work are giving Keely a big rash up and down her arms, so she'll probably quit soon. If she does, and she can't find enough sub jobs, she might have to move in with Justin ahead of schedule (no rent money), which gives me two options. Find myself a smaller, cheap apartment, or move home early.

I don't want to get an apartment by myself, because 1) apartment hunting is the pits, 2) it would require me to be responsible and adult, 3) it would probably require a yearlong lease at first, and 4) security deposit, first and last month's rent, utilities, might have to cut back on things like internet access, etc.

The cons of moving home so soon include missing Keels, but also I don't want to be driving to Alaska in the dead of winter. The absolute SOONEST we would be able to leave the apartment is the first of November, which is coming up very fast, too soon. But anytime after that and we will be into winter, with snow on the ground at least when we pass through the mountains, and then more frequently up into Canada and Alaska. Therefore, if I don't leave then, I'll have to wait until at least March, probably.

Also, if I go home early, it means I'll have to find a job in Valdez in the winter. I had been hoping that I'd get home just in time for next summer's boat season, but if I go home early, I'll have to bag groceries or something.

I COULD go someplace else entirely, but packing up and moving to a completely new place in wintertime when I'll only be there a year is not something I want to consider.

I don't know what to do. I want my mommy.
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