August 19th, 2005


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Last night I turned off the computer at about 8:10 because there was a storm coming. Big lightning but not right overhead. We turned on the news and there was a tornado warning for the next county over, where we clean a lot of houses. Then we got the tornado warning. At 9 we went downstairs with a flashlight, some water, some pillows and blankets, and a radio. We kept the TV on upstairs too, so we could hear it. The man talked about how this was a supercell, about as severe a thunderstorm as you would ever see, with quarter-sized hail and rain-wrapped tornados.

It's the closest we've come since we moved here to being tornadoed. The man on the radio kept saying "There is a tornado warning for Racine county. This is not a test. Seek shelter immediately. If you are inside, go to the lowest level of your house. If you are outside, seek immediate shelter. If you are in a car or mobile home, get out and lie down in a ditch. This is not a test."

I...was pretty damn freaked out. Keely wasn't. "Nothing's going to happen."

So we sat downstairs on our pillows for 45 minutes, reading. (I braved the storm long enough to run up and get our books.) Finally, it was 9:45, and we had heard the weatherguy on the news say that the "hook" with tornado potential had already passed us, so we went upstairs.

It hadn't even rained here.

Stoughton, a community not far from Madison, got the worst of it. 80-100 houses destroyed and at least one death.

Anyway, that was our adventure yesterday.