September 2nd, 2005


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I put in my 2 weeks' notice today. YAY!

I also worked with Keels today. We had 3 houses to do, and Keels calculated that we wouldn't be done till at least 4:30, at the earliest.

Then, after our first house, Keels called the office to tell them we were done, and when she hung up, she did the happybear dance. They took away our last house! Wooooo! And gave it to someone else.

Then, at our second house (horrible disgusting floors with food bits stuck all over them...BLEH...we had just gotten upstairs to start. I was in the master bath, Keels in the master bedroom, and we pet the cat for a while, then all of a sudden...

Keels: Blah blah blah OMIGODKITTEN!

Me: Ooh?

Tiny Black and White Kitten: o_o

Keels (who is allergic to cats): *crouches down* Here kitty kitty! So cuuuute!

Tiny Black and White Kitten: *run awaaaay!*

Keels: Noooo! *pursues*

By the time I got out of the room, they were both gone. Then she came back from downstairs, holding the kitten. It was purring, but also biting us with its tiny sharp teeth.

We cuddled it for a few minutes, then set it down and it bounded away. A few minutes later I walked down the hall to the other bathroom, and it stalked me from the stairs. Then it came into the master suite and climbed the dust ruffle and crawled around under the blanket for a few minutes, then got on top of the blanket and attacked the big cat's tail. They played for a little while, and the big cat finally got fed up and tossed the kitten off the bed.

I wanted to put it in my pocket and steal it.