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October 14th, 2005

12:36 pm

Subbed another half day today. I was supposed to be with one of the twins all day, but he was at the dentist's, so I helped out with a 1st grade art class (paper mache pumpkins...OH SO GOOEY) and then went to help out a little boy in Kindergarten with his journal. He was very sweet, all he wanted to do was draw. I had to ask him to do some favors for me and write the first letters of the names of the little guys he was drawing (Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato, among others).

Then I went to the Kindergarten class next door and helped out with a little girl, Sarah*. She chews on things and actually has a special chewy-toy thing on the end of her pencil so she won't chew markers and erasers and stuff. She drew me a picture (I'm still unsure what it is) and signed it with her name and a heart with a smiley face. I work with her for most of Monday.

I then gave a spelling test to a 4th grader, and he did it in like 2 minutes, so I went back and made some copies that the teacher wanted me to make for her.

I also saw my friend Kelly from Merry Maids. I trained with her, but she only stayed for a few weeks before getting fed up with management and leaving. She's a teacher (sorta like a special ed teacher, I guess.) Keely had seen her when she worked with the 5th graders a few days ago, and told me that she was working there, then I ran into her in the bathroom a few minutes before school got out.

I almost didn't recognize her at first, but she recognized me and we talked for a few before she had to run off.

04:39 pm

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06:15 pm

Conversation with my brother. I'm Hairball.

7FM says:
one of my friends here bought a ninja suit at the army surplus store

7FM says:
he went to the park blocks at night and hid behind a little concrete block thing that they put plants on i guess, and jumped out and scared some guy walking by

Hairball says:

Hairball says:
That's horrible.

7FM says:
i know

7FM says:
i wish i could have been there
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