October 24th, 2005


(no subject)

I love the word "wee." Not like "weeeeeeeee!" or "Mommy, I gotta wee-wee."

I mean "wee" like "It's tiny! It's miniscule! It's wee!"

From now on, whenever I want to talk about something small, I shall try to use "wee."

For example, "When I go home, I will meet Mel's son. He is very wee."

Wee wee wee wee wee.

Also, "wen." As in wart. When I was in my first term of British Literature, one of the textbooks was The Year 1000. This book contains the English charm:

Wen, wen, little wen,
here you must not build, here have no abode
but you must go north to the nearby hill
where, poor wretch, you have a brother.
He will lay a leaf at your head.
Under the paw of the wolf, under the eagle's wing,
under the claw of the eagle, may you ever decline!
Shrink like coal on the hearth!
Wizen like filth on the wall!
Waste away like water in the pail!
Become as small as a grain of linseed,
and far smaller than a hand-worm's hip-bone and so very small
that you are at last nothing at all.