November 5th, 2005


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Got this from hellziggy, who in turn got it from justhuman. It's really crappy.

Sony installing DRM software on your PC - just by playing a CD

Essentially when you play one of these copy protected CDs it installs a root kit in your computer without informing you -- rootkits are considered malware. People who are good at this have analyzed it, tried to remove it, and it *broke* their PC. What's more the root kit opens a door in your operating system that hackers can potentially exploit. Or as the article sums up

You buy a CD. You put the CD into your PC in order to enjoy your music. Sony grabs this opportunity to sneak into your house like a virus and set up camp, and it leaves the back door open so that Sony or any other enterprising intruder can follow and have the run of the place. If you try to kick Sony out, it trashes the place.

The article has many excellent links hooking you up to detailed information. The only solution at the moment is to not put a Sony copyright protected CD in you computer. The bigger issue is that this protection also prevents you from burning your music for even a legitimate use like sticking it on your MP3 player -- the only real solution there looks to be to boycott Sony to explain to them in financial terms why this is unacceptable.

Here's an example of an Amazon listing for a copyright protected CD. It says it right next to the title of the item and down in the product details next to format and it lists Sony as the label."

There are several articles online about this. Not only does it put crap on your computer, but the CD that you just LEGALLY bought can't be put on an iPod. Ya know why? Because Sony doesn't like Apple's market dominance. This blog talks about that:

It turns out that all Engadget (quoting Variety) notes that this DRM is not at all about making the CD immune to piracy. Instead, its part of a pissing contest between Sony and Apple: Variety writes that "the new copy protection scheme — which makes it difficult to rip CDs and listen to them with an iPod — is designed to put pressure on Apple to open the iPod to other music services, rather than making it dependent on the iTunes Music Store for downloads."

You mean to tell me that this isn't even about P2P and unauthorized downloading? How annoying is that? Sony has their panties in a bunch cause Apple has been kicking their arses all over the innovation and digital music schoolyard? So the mature response from a major global conmsumer electronics corporation is to take their ball and go home?

DRM is now being used as a competitive economic weapon -- not as an anti-piracy tool.

As a music consumer, I find this ridiculous. Why I cannot use a legally purchased CD -- because Sony is miffed at Apple for creating the 2000's version of their Walkman -- is beyond absurd. I am very, very annoyed at this.