December 25th, 2005


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Okay, I guess I better post a booty list.

In my stocking, Santa left a jillion peanuts, two mandarins, and two apples. He also left a deck of playing cards with dragonflies decorating the backs, a (nifty) corduroy hat from Colorado, and an absolutely gorgeous hair-decorating-thingie with green danglies.

I also received a sweatshirt from my aunt and uncle and a pretty "hologram" thing from my other aunt and uncle, a blanket, a t-shirt (also from Colorado), Kokopelli coasters and a cave art oven mitt, some dragonfly shower curtain hangers (for when I get my own place) and a dragonfly wind chime, a book called "Draw Really Cool Stuff," another book called "People: 20 Years of Sexiest Man Alive" (and why, may I ask, has Oded Fehr never been on this list?), a really nice pair of socks, a mixed CD from my brother, and this odd little thing, which we plugged into mom's stereo to use as a speaker. It kept making commentary on the music, which included uttering "WAZZAAAAAAA" during "I'll Be Home for Christmas," and belching, farting, and giggling during "Silent Night." cvburg got one too. He was busy making fun of mine (as in, 'Ha ha, that thing's so annoying!" Then I pulled an identically-shaped package out from behind the tree for him and he kinda shut up.)

I hope everyone had an incredible Christmas and will have an even more incredible New Year. Love you all!