March 17th, 2006

Pink Baby Cthulhu

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Here there be snark.

The basic story is that a woman left her 19-year-old waitress (who happened to be pregnant) an almost-thousand-dollar tip. Someone posted it in customers_suck as a "score one for the good guys!" situation. Most people respond with something like "Wow, that was very generous."

Then you get the people who start snarling because "some teenager didn't keep her legs closed and is now getting rewarded for it."

Yeah. Bitter much? Just because it didn't happen to you.

I mean, everyone is entitled to their beliefs. People who don't like or don't want children are fine with me, as long as they're not pushing that disgust on other people. Just because you don't like kids doesn't mean that everyone who DOES like kids or who wants to have kids are "stupid cows," and not all children are "fucking crotchdroppings." And something that REALLY bugs me are people who refer to fetuses as "parasites."

The guy who posted the original comment (that launched a thousand snarks) said something about "Instead of $1000, that girl's tip should have been $1 and a coat hanger." Who says that? Really. They don't know that girl's situation. Maybe she was raped and her beliefs don't allow her to get an abortion. Maybe she used birth control but it didn't work and now she's accepting responsibility for her actions. Isn't that better than just using abortion the same as she might use a condom? Why can't people just be happy for her? Why can't they just accept that the woman who left the tip felt like doing something nice for someone else? Why does it always have to be like "That girl should have killed the parasite and that woman should have given the money to someone who really deserved it."?

Fucking ridiculous.

And just because I'm already pissed off, Here's another customers_suck post, this time about an absolutely disgusting t-shirt.