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March 31st, 2006

03:08 pm

So today, I subbed for the aide of a special needs 4th grader. The day went fairly well, though the schedule I had was a little vague so I had to keep asking various teachers and office workers where I had to go next.

The little girl (we'll call her Jess) was quiet most of the day, every once in a while she'd get a little loud, and she kept grabbing my wrist in both her hands and laying her lips on the back of my hand. At one point, I had to take her to the preschool room so she could get things ready for the preschoolers when they arrived, and that's when she got a little difficult. She would lay down on the couch and refuse to get up, then when I finally got her on her feet, she grabbed me and almost seemed like she was trying to dance or something. One of her other teachers came in and helped me get Jess on the right track, and for the rest of our time together she was very good.

I am tired, but yay! Friday is an early release day!
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