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April 23rd, 2006

07:49 am

Last Thursday in my class, the teacher gave each of us a piece of 300-lb. paper. Really nice stuff. She told us to, in class, make a beach scene that incorporated the following elements: sand, rocks, trees, grass, a stormy sky, a lighthouse, and a lightkeeper's cottage. I did mine wet-on-wet, really, really loose and tried to avoid getting bogged down in details like I normally do. I did I did a fairly good job. I mean, it has lots of problems, but I'm happy with it.
LighthouseCollapse )
The other girl in my class didn't know what a lighthouse looked like, and then the poor thing literally spent about an hour sketching out what she was going to paint. We kept telling her to just take the brush and start painting, it was okay, it wasn't for a grade or anything, but she was almost in tears because she "can't do that." She's a really sweet person. Anyway, I had mine almost done before she started painting. It's a really fun class, I'm sad that this week is our last class.

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