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April 26th, 2006

05:45 pm

Took mom's truck into the repair shop this afternoon to get her summer tires put on. It took almost an hour because they were so busy. Then they told me that the tires were pretty worn out and we would have to keep an eye on one of them. After they finished, I drove the rest of the way into town to check the mail and in town and driving home I saw a total of 11 baldies in the air, one of which was a juvenile.

When I got home I switched the cars around and brought the Honda out of the garage and put mom's truck in, so I could drive the little car if I wanted to.

This morning, I talked to keelykins for at least 2 hours on the phone. I miss her.

I also took Summer for a walk. She got all muddy and had fun swimming around in the pond. Silly girl.

06:32 pm

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand the fan in our stove hood just quit.

I'm making soup and I had the fan on, I stirred the soup and walked away. As I left the kitchen, the fan just...stopped. And no amount of flicking the switch and banging on the hood has brought it back on.


EDIT: And about 2 minutes after I first posted, the fan started up again. I was nowhere near the stove.
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