May 4th, 2006


(no subject)

I was supposed to sub this afternoon, but the teacher I was gonna sub for decided she felt better, so I got to stay home and...fold laundry. I still have the all day job and the evening cruise for tomorrow, though.

Okay, I a bad person?

I let Summer sleep in my room last night, because I haven't let her do that for a long time. Then Ink sat outside my bedroom door and meowed for like 10 minutes. I felt bad for excluding him, but I NEVER let him sleep with me because he keeps me awake.

When I went to the bathroom at 6 am, he managed to squeeze into my room. I told him he could stay if he curled up somewhere and was quiet. What did he do? He made laps around my room, purring.

Let me explain.

First of all, he purrs like a freakin' motorboat, so he had kind of a Doppler effect as he traveled my room. A very very SLOW Doppler effect.


And he walked up my bed against my back, then laid down on the back of my hair and laid his chin on the back of my skull, purring, rattling my teeth in my head, and I think he was licking my hair.

He stayed there for about a minute, then he got up and walked around the top of my head, stepping on my hair, then he stepped off the mattress and walked around Summer, walked to the foot of my bed where my trashcan is and started CHEWING on the plastic bag.

I yelled at him, and he stepped back onto my mattress and sauntered back up toward my head. I tried to stave him off with my arms, but he just licked my hands until I put them down, at which point he walked around my head again (luckily without stepping on my hair too badly this time) and then past Summer again, at which point I AGAIN heard him chewing the garbage bag.

I got up and shooed him out of the room, and Summer followed, and then I got another hour and a half of sleep.

Okay. So. Am I a bad person to let Summer sleep in my room and not Ink?