May 7th, 2006


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I dreamt about an earthquake and avalanche last night.

I was in the elementary school...I could tell it was the elementary school because of its location in relation to the rest of the town. It looked more like a house than a school, and it was really close to a mountain that isn't there in real life.

For some reason, a bunch of us were living in the school. It was weird. I shared a room facing the mountain with 2 or 3 other girls. A bunch of us were in the "living room," which had windows facing the mountain, and I glanced at the peak. There was snow blowing straight up from the summit. I said, "Holy crap, guys. Look at the way the wind is blowing the snow up there."

A few small clumps of snow hit the windows.

Another woman said "How odd."

A bigger clump of snow hit the window.

I noticed a wave of snow forming.

"Oh my god. That's an avalanche."

The wave started moving slowly down the mountain. I grabbed my roommates and we ran through the school screaming at everyone to get someplace safe. Then my roommates, who apparently weren't too bright, insisted on going into OUR room, with windows FACING the mountain, though I tried to tell them it would probably be safer to go into a room with windows facing the other way, so the snow couldn't get in.

Anyway, there were three of us in the room and we only had a sofa to hide behind.

As we waited for the avalanche, the ground started shaking. While it shook, we thought it was an earthquake, but I suppose it could have been the approaching snow.

Finally, the avalanche hit the school, of course it broke our windows, and covered us behind the couch. I had an arm in front of my mouth to protect my air supply. The shaking went on forever, it seemed, but finally it stopped and we were able to dig ourselves out. The snow in the room was surprisingly not very deep, and no one was hurt.

I remember calling my brother, who was home, and asking if he had felt the quake. He had, but was not worried about me. Jerk.

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She came in on the evening flight. I made pasta primavera with chicken (bell pepper, onion, and peas sauteed with leftover rotisserie chicken and then tossed with alfredo sauce-from-a-jar and spaghetti) and cheesecake with berry sauce. It was all very yum.

And mom brought me a t-shirt, a viser, a bag of sour candy, and an AWESOME Kokopelli keychain from Death Valley! Bwah.