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May 23rd, 2006

05:17 pm

Okay, not to crow prematurely or anything, but our internet seems to be back in working order with the new modem mom got today.

We will see if it stays that way. Of course, my brother's computer is still dead so we have to use the slow back room computer, but I am in no way complaining, because yay! Teh internets!

So, I spent a very nice day with Beck. Took her out to lunch and we checked out a new store in town where I got a charcoal pencil and a sketchpad, then we just hung out and drank iced tea. :D

09:40 pm

I hauled my computer up from the basement and mom and I spent an extremely sweaty, frustrating hour and half rearranging all our various cords and electronics and things before finally getting everything plugged in and situated to our semi-satisfaction.

We now have a computer in the living room again, and I have dust in my nostrils wtf.

I want juice, people.

On another note, spring has finally arrived in Valdez, Alaska. There are growing things in the yard and yesterday, the temperature was a record high for that date, something like 72F. Woo!
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