May 26th, 2006


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Today, Stan and Mary Helen's eldest daughter was on board with her family. Her youngest (3 and a half) adores me because I spent the Christmas party last year tickling him. He calls me "that tickle-mommy." He followed me around the boat all day, flirting and batting his eyelashes and asking me to tickle him. Ha. I learned my lesson at Christmas. If I'd tickled him today, he would have gotten so wound up he'd have bounced right off the boat.

In addition to the tickledemon, our day was quite eventful. Otters, sea lions, and eagles of course, plus that lost young gray whale that's been hanging around Bullhead, plus a humpback with a baby, plus some Dall's porpoise.

Oh, and did I mention that we saw an orca kill and eat a porpoise today?

Well, we did.

We were about 10 minutes away from getting back into the harbor, and we saw some porpoise. Stan slowed down to see if they would follow us, but they were speeding in the other direction, so he started going again. Then an orca came up among them, so I ran upstairs to tell him. He'd already started turning the boat.

At first, I thought they were just playing, but I was watching through the binocs and I saw the orca come up a few times and rush the porpoise, and then finally the porpoise was left floating, belly-up, on the surface, with its fins in the air, and I saw red in the water. Then the orca came toward it and when it went down again, the porpoise was gone.

Mary Helen insisted it was a couple orcas with some orca babies, but I know what I saw. And I had to keep reassuring the tickledemon's older brother that the orca was just playing with the porpoise, while surrepticiously nodding my head at the lady who kept asking if the orca just ate the porpoise.

So, yeah. Eventful.

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The Friday Five from Tric.

1. How many places have you lived in your life?
A: If we count college, three. Alaska, Oregon, and Wisconsin.

2. Which was your favorite and why and what street was it on?
A: Alaska is my all-time favorite, as I feel it is my home, but I liked them all. Here I live on Wilderness Lane, in Oregon I lived on Beach Street, and in Wisconsin I lived on Meadowlark Drive.

3. If you could live anywhere for the rest of your life, where would it be?
A: Here, if I can get a good job. But I'd like to live in Oregon again, or try Montana or even somewhere like Scotland, but I have a feeling Alaska is where I will always end up.

4. What would your ideal home have in it?
A: Ooh. It would be spacious and open. Big kitchen, bay windows, wood floors, overstuffed furniture, lots of books and knicknacks. Not too many, to make it cluttered, but enough to make it comfy and lived in. A deep bathtub, maybe a piano. I don't want the house itself to be huge, but I want it to be open. Ooh, and a fireplace, and colorful curtains and pillows and throw rugs and quilts.

5. Can you describe your current crib?
A: I live in the house I grew up in. It started out as a modular that my folks put on top of a basement. Three bedrooms, two baths, and an additional living room with a deck and bay windows that my dad built on right before he died.