May 28th, 2006


(no subject)

Just took Sum for a walk. I was almost home, on the street right before mine, thinking about what a nice, sunny, quiet day it was, when suddenly I heard, extremely close behind me, a horrible malevolent chuckle.


Heart leaping to my throat, I spun around, ready to defend myself, and...

it was getting_weary's father, Weber from next door.

"JESUS CHRIST" said I, while Weber laughed so hard he almost fell off his bike. "I'M TELLING YOUR WIFE!"

Weber said between gasps of laughter "It's too early for that shit, innit? I just couldn't resist!"

And off he went toward home, still giggling, and my heart rate finally calmed down about 5 minutes later.

Summer and I are gonna have a talk about her watchdog capabilities.