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June 3rd, 2006

07:25 am

Oy. The dreams, they were weird.

I dreamt I was on the boat and some little kids ran forward on the bow and climbed over the railing and slid into the water, and the captain didn't believe me at first when I said "STOP THE BOAT, THEY FELL OFF!" And finally he turned around and we went back and then he was making EVERYONE get off the boat (and for some reason, Cap'n John was speaking with a very flamboyant British accent) and all the passengers had to climb off the boat into a secret tunnel under the water and onto an island which just HAPPENED to be King Kong's REAL home. And then that turned out to be a game show but we were on the boat again and I spotted a breaching orca, so I called it over by whistling and it turned into a little boy in a striped shirt, and I touched his skin and it felt like a tongue, bumpy and soft, and then everyone on board was eating crunchy suet bars made from rendered orca.

I was glad when I woke up.

03:39 pm

I'm tired. I got up at 7 this morning so I could be at Becky's by 6 8!! to help with her garage sale. She was totally stressed out and cranky but we managed to get everything set up, and despite the heat and the GODDAMN bugs the sale went pretty well. I got a few things (YAY more clutter) but I'm really happy with my purchases. After the sale, Becky and James and I went to pizza with Jessica and Brian and fun was had by all. Mike's Palace is open again and their food is FINALLY back to the way it was, which is to say GOOD, instead of the crap it has been since Mike sold the place years ago.
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