June 9th, 2006


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There's a storm in the Gulf, and the Sound is rocky. Let me rephrase that. "Roller coaster" comes to mind.

Really, the swells were only 5-6 feet, probably, but that's more than plenty when you have a load of 83 people. There were two girls standing on the bow, acting like kids at a theme park, holding up their hands when there was a swell. At one point, they came about a foot off the deck, and that's when we made them come inside, and I will have nightmares tonight about them going over the side.

There was also a kind of odd fellow on the boat today. He talked to me about his past lives in the Pleiades and a mountain on Kauai that looks like a praying woman and the goddess and he was a very devout feminist. At first I thought he was a little creepy, but then I just started enjoying chatting with him.