June 12th, 2006


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Katie spotted more orcas today.

I'm gonna start telling people, "No, we won't see any orcas today. Katie's not on the boat."

Anyway, I was in the galley and some people from the Czech Republic suddenly said, "We saw a whale!" about a split second before the boat started to turn, so obviously the Cap'n had seen them too. And we all started to head out onto the bow, and the Czech guy stopped, looked at me, and said, "I see them first!" and went outside.

We had a Museum Night tonight, where everyone from work went to the museum and walked through and made sure we all knew stuff about local history, and then we all went back to S and MH's house to eat pizza and play pool. Ryan had bought some old glasses with half-inch-thick lenses, so we were passing them around while we played to use as a handicap. Oy, they hurt. We could barely see with them on. But it was fun.