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June 27th, 2006

10:28 pm

Today I was on the short trip, but after we got in and cleaned, we helped the crew of the long trip clean their boat, and then we all went out into the port on the Glacier Spirit to do some Man Overboard drills.

We were divided into 3 teams, and we did 3 drills. Whichever teams weren't doing that particular drill had to pretend to be passengers and get in the way.

Colleen, our manager, got gussied up in a bright orange survival suit and took the plunge each time. I called her Scuba Steve.

My team went second, when "the passenger" who fell overboard was conscious. The first and third times, she was unconscious. The drills went pretty well, though we all made some mistakes and stuff. But it was kinda fun. I volunteered to be Scuba Steve next time we have a drill.
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