August 9th, 2006

What You Say?

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Seems summer has finally arrived. Yay, sun.

Today went well. Nothing too cool or unusual.

But this morning, after morning announcements, two ladies got on board. When people come on the boat after we've done announcements, we have to stop them and basically run through announcements for them again. Where the PFDs are, how to put them on, and what we serve for lunch are the main things we have to catch them with.

So these ladies get on board (we'll call them Rude and Chuckles). I catch them just as they're heading onto the bow and say, "Hi, ladies. I just have to run through announcements for you real quick since you missed them."

I start getting out a PFD from under the counter to show them how to put them on.

Rude: Actually, I think we know how to put those on.

Me: ...Okay, well this is where they're located...

Rude: Great. Is that all?

Me: *flustered* Um, we serve a meal on board today. It's New England clam chowder with a bagel and cream cheese, or we have a vegetarian minestrone if you don't want the chowder. Would the chowder be okay, or do you want the veggie soup?

Chuckles: Chowder will be fine...but I can't have the bagel, 'cause I'm not Jewish. *smiles expectantly*

Me: *blinks, can't think of anything to say*

Chuckles: I can't have the bagel, though, because I'm not Jewish! *grins and raises her eyebrows*

Chuckles' Brain: Bud-a-bum ching.

Rude: *starts laughing*

Me: ...Okay. If you have any more questions, just ask one of the crew.

I mean, I get that bagels are Jewish in origin, but was what she said really that funny?