August 19th, 2006


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Today I was on the 6-hour, which turned out to be more like a 4-hour. We had to turn back right before we reached Freemantle. 6 footers and winds from the southeast, just about the worst forecast you can get. We could feel the start of a roll as we rounded Entrance Point into the Narrows, and had to duck into Sawmill to serve the meal, as we were already bouncing around. The 9-hour got all the way into Columbia Glacier, but then they had to turn back as well.

I managed to serve the meal and pick up the garbage, and I made one round with barf bags and MotionEaze, then I sort of went out of commission for a while. I just kind of braced myself in the doorway and let the wind and rain hit my face. At one point, I looked to my left and saw a little girl braced against the counter, and everytime the boat shook, her eyes got big and then she'd close them, and I could see her breathing, trying to calm down. I hopped over to stand next to her, got a bag for her, and then took her back to the doorway to stand with me, and I just braced my back on the wall and held her around the waist, held the bag in my other hand, told her to look at the tip of Freemantle and take deep breaths. I think helping her out helped keep me from feeling too sickly myself.

I wasn't actually feeling TOO badly, but my legs get like jello in that sort of thing, and I wasn't being any help at all to Collin and MH and Colleen. I felt bad. But at least I could keep one little girl from getting sick.

Her name was Dervela. I have no idea how to spell that--she's from Ireland, and was on the boat with her parents, aunt and uncle, 3 cousins, and 3 sisters. They were all pretty cool.

Anyway, tomorrow's supposed to be even shittier, weather-wise, so whoopee. I have a feeling the 9-hour will be cancelled altogether.