September 17th, 2006


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Today was my last regular run on the boat. I do work on Tuesday and Wednesday, but tomorrow is the last official day of the season and I'll be in Anchorage with getting_weary.

We AWESOME day. The best part was the huge pod of orcas we found. There were probably at least 30 altogether, with three big males in the distance, and like 18 females and calves traveling in a tight group. The group of them came under the boat several times, and when they would come up to blow you could hear them squeal. They were tail-lobbing like crazy, and doing barrel rolls and slapping their pectoral fins on the water, and one did a really pronounced spyhop, and one of them breached twice. Then there was one of the big males who was porpoising COMPLETELY out of the water and flinging a salmon in front of him.

And we got all the way to the face of Columbia Glacier.

So, yeah. AWESOME.