October 18th, 2006


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So, here's some slight bloggy weirdness for you:

I'm seeing new entries on my friends page, but when I click to the next page, the 20 entries back, the entries have not moved. Like, the same entry is at the top of the page that was there last night. Logically, shouldn't that entry have moved DOWN the page with the introduction of new entries?

Any ideas?

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My boss is pregnant. Apparently, her son and daughter are very excited about it. Her son(6) is telling everyone that he wants the baby to be named Murgatroid.

Her daughter is four and the cutest thing in the world.

Random Person: Hi!

Cute Little Girl: My mommy's got somethin' growin' in her tummy.

Random Person: Ooh!

Cute Little Girl: Yeah, it's a baby unicorn.

Random Person: ...ooh.