December 24th, 2006


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Hey, all. I'm at mom's house and I'll be here for the rest of today and tomorrow till the evening sometime to celebrate.

Last night was getting_weary's Christmas party and it was SO much fun. All in all there were 13 people there, which doesn't really sound like a lot but we definitely filled the living room. There was food and alcohol (you'll all be proud and impressed to learn that I only ate 2 cookies the entire night - which is not to say that all I ate was the cookies, just that, instead of eating, say, 10 cookies, I only had two. Along with the meat and cheese and bread and alcohol. Oh yes, the alcohol). I drank 2 cranberry margaritas, a lemon drop, 2 shots of rum, one of tequila, and then part of a rum and coke. I didn't get smashed, though. I just got very tired and friendly. We played games and laughed and talked and before I knew it, it was 3 o'clock and people were gone and it was time for me to go home. All in all, I was at their house for 8 hours straight.

I love your parties, Beck! HAVE MORE!

Anyway, now I have to go bake some stuff. To be specific, two pies (pumpkin and apple) and some cookies. AII!