January 7th, 2007


(no subject)


Several times since the beginning of the month, I've logged onto this screen to make an entry, but most of the time, as soon as I get to this page, my Mozilla wigs out and boots me off. Anyone else have this problem?

Anyway. Valdez. Still cold. Tomorrow it's SUPPOSED to be partly sunny, but I'm not sure I believe them. All I know is, I'm rather sick of snow.

Mom is out of town, so tonight I'll probably sleep at her place to give the cat some quality time. Summer is staying with me at the trailer. I don't think she likes it too much - it's a lot smaller than the house and she doesn't have as much room to play.

Last night I had getting_weary and arcticheatwave over for drinks and a movie. We drank flavored beer (peach and raspberry - pretty good, actually) and watched Lady in the Water, which none of us thought was as horrible as everyone says. Not the best movie ever, but I liked it.

Today arcticheatwave and myself and MAYBE getting_weary are supposed to go for a walk. We'll see, I guess.